The Lil Photographic Strutmounts Range

Photographic Strutmounts? From a Packaging company?

Yes, that’s right. We manufacture Strutmounts here on site in Huntingdon, and sell them directly you. There’s no middleman distributor pushing the price up. We use FSC approved sustainably sourced board, and a ‘triple-hit’ print process (with vegetable material ink) to achieve consistent colour quality. With a choice of two elegant designs (Mono and DeBossed) and well-cut, easy to use rear mounts; our strutmounts are a cost-effective yet high quality option for mounting photos and pictures.

Since the late 90’s we have been perfecting our Strutmounts manufacturing process to ensure that your number one concern – imperfect and snagging glue lines on strutmounts – has been taken care of. So you can buy from us with confidence every time!

Why should you buy Strutmounts from Lil Packaging?

Mono Strutmounts Group Shot

  • Rigidity: Compare our Strutmounts to almost any other on the market, and you’ll see just how floppy they are compared to ours. We know cardboard like few other companies – so we know how to make this versatile material stand firm when we want it to.
  • Competitive Prices: Because we manufacture strutmounts in large quantities, and we prefer to sell to you directly, that means we can give you a competitive price compared to other manufacturers and distributors.
  • Consistent Quality: Buying direct from a factory-based stockholder like us has its perks.  Because these strutmounts have rolled straight off the end of the production line, we know that they’ll be in mint condition for you to use when you buy from us as they come directly out of our large warehouse.
  • Great Finish: Most manufacturers only apply one ink coating.  We instead use a ‘Triple-Hit’, which is when we apply three coatings of ink to ensure a consistent finish, and a deep lustrous colour. We further enhance this finish with our unique non-rub coating.
  • Straight Edges: All edges are accurately cut to ensure there are no unsightly nicks or notches and as you’d expect we cover almost all colours you can think of.
  • Last Minute Needs: We ship next day on our normal stock-item lines, which includes our strutmounts – so we can have your order with you nice and quick.
  • Experience: We’ve been manufacturing these strutmounts since the 1990’s, so we know how to get them right every time for you.


The Mono Strutmount Range:

10x8FrontphotoOur ‘Mono’ range is entitled as such because of the neat and stylish simple printed white line that surrounds the aperture.  Providing a professionally clean and tidy look for any picture inside, our Mono range is favoured for formal photo displays and cherished mantlepiece pictures everywhere.


The DeBossed Strutmount Range:


If the printed white line of the Mono range isn’t your thing, then the subtle darkened shade of the ‘Debossed’ line in this range probably will be. Featuring no print, this range denotes and defines your photographic artwork with a simple ‘debossed’ impression into the strutmount board. Simple, attractive, and focusing attention on the picture – just as it should be.