Cardboard DVD sized envelope - Lil A1

235 x 180 x 0-30 mm
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The Lil A1 DVD envelopes fit 100% of all DVD's, Blu-Ray and video games. If you’re using a D1 sized bubble envelope or size 1 Jiffy bag to post DVD boxed sets & books, save on postage mailing costs and drastically speed up packging using a Lil A1 DVD envelope. Shipped direct from our DC in Sydney.

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Product Description

The Lil A1 DVD envelopes fit 100% of all DVD's, bluRay and video games. If you're using a D1 size bubble envelope or size 1 Jiffy bag mailer to mail DVD boxed sets or books, save on postage mailing costs by fitting more through "Large Letter" using a Lil A1 DVD envelope.

Cardboard DVD mailers don't get better than this! The A1 envelope is a cardboard DVD mailer that provides the most cost-effective mailing options for your DVD's travelling through the postal system. With its robust, natural finish, your customers will be able to open the attractive packaging to receive their DVD's (DVD cases typically 136mm x 192mm x 13mm) in the condition that you posted them in. These envelopes are manufactured using stiff 450gsm material, with special folds to provide impact protection around the edges, to minimise the risk of splitting / shattering of the DVD cases inside. These cardboard DVD mailers feature our leading peel'n'seal / red tear-strip system for easy sealing and opening.
All products within our envelope range are made from 100% recycled and are 100% recyclable. The Lil envelopes are the most eco-friendly plastic free alternative to the bubble mailer and represent a significant step forward in the removal of single use plastics from ecommerce packaging.

This range was co-developed with one of the Internet's largest retailers... so you might recognise our envelopes!

This product fits through AusPost's 'Large Envelope' tariff!

Pricing in proportion is therefore made easy with this superb envelope.

Tired of returns and unhappy customers? These envelopes are better than bubble mailers - the corner stiffness of the A1 envelope cuts damage in transit. Online retailers report nearly 70% fewer returns and 25% faster packing.

Struggling with storage space for your packaging? The super flat and easy stack design of the A1 envelope is the answer.

Under our previous name Mainline Flatpacks Ltd in 2011, our‚award winning‚A1 envelope was hailed as the 21st century equivalent to a jiffy bag bubble envelope.

This brilliant, tough little envelope is our best selling item for a reason. If you are looking for sturdy and cost effective packaging for mailing DVDs, Blu-Ray or video games - think of nothing else (rather than cheap DVDenvelopes that fall apart, leave your items damaged and your customers dissatisfied!).

Go on...burst the bubble!

Technical Specifications

  • Colour: Brown kraft
  • Height: 2 mm
  • Height inches: 0.07 inches
  • Length: 180 mm
  • Length inches: 7.1 inches
  • Material type: 450gsm / 570mic recycled fibre
  • Weight: 45g
  • Width: 235 mm
  • Width inches: 9.3 inches