Don’t forget the customers ‘Unboxing Experience’

Sep 22, 2015 Ecommerce

With the Christmas peak period, and the key shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching, you’re going to need every trick in the book to make sure your e-commerce operation gets found first, engages best, and generally wins the internet.

By now you’ll all be tired of hearing that ‘Content is King’, so I’ll only say it once. (I’ve already said it.) In this blog however I wont be banging on about how you need to diversify, tailor, and promote the hell out of your online content to win over those crafty customers – oh no. In this blog, I’ll be talking about the phenomenon that is ‘Unboxing’.

First of all, let’s take a trip over to to find out what ‘Unboxing’ actually is. On this page ‘Unboxing’ is described as:

Unboxing refers to the practice of photographing or recording oneself while opening a new product out of its original packaging to showcase the contents as well as the recipient’s first impression of the product.

For typical human beings this means absolutely nothing, and quite frankly freaks many people out. However for the army of internet shopping veterans out there it means… “Oh yes, I totally love those videos, blog posts and tweets – they really help me figure out what I’m actually thinking of purchasing, and whether or not I should go through with it!”

So apart from Unboxing helping to create a powerful ‘value proposition judgement’ in the minds of consumers, it also acts as a fantastic way to create a fashionable ‘trend’. Which as us savvy internet bods know, can sometimes turn into digital tidal waves!

According to an excellent article on, the Unboxing meme / trend / community / addiction is very much associated with tech products, fashion, beauty, and the ‘social’ aspect of shopping. This is borne out by the countless exemplary personal and ‘commercialised’ blogs & YouTube channels out there devoted to these areas such as the ‘Unboxing Beauty’ blog – unsurprisingly all about beauty products, and this article from ‘GottaBeMobile’ about unboxing a new smartphone.

It has to be said that many of these blogs and YouTube channels are purposefully set up by clever individuals looking to earn money from product reviews and endorsements, traffic sales and advertising. So there is potential for a conflict of interest – but most recognise that it is their review and content integrity that sells them, even if they are quietly plugging product deliveries.

There are two key themes here – the ‘social’ aspect to shopping, and the ‘end-of-the-line’ delivery. The social aspect to shopping is well documented – that people wish to spend time together spending money, eating, debating, having fun and generally massaging their ego and psyche. (Along with their credit rating!) The blogs and online videos – along with prodigious social media output – allow a personal ‘home-based’ shopping experience to become a fully social experience with thousands, and in some cases, MILLIONS of people participating or simply viewing the authors’ shopping experience.

Front and centre of this display are two wholly underrated parts of the home-shopping experience. The delivery; and the packaging. In this unboxing blog from Holy Snails, we see the whole thing played out. We have the unboxing experience, with a review, major gripes about the late delivery, and the authors views of the style of packaging.

That feeling often kills the act of repeat purchase, losing you a valuable and important customer.Holy Snails

Apart from being a typical unboxing experience review, it is clear that a great delivery experience – and the quality of the box packaging involved hugely influences whether or not the customer will suffer from ‘cognitive dissonance’ – that feeling that you’ve been let down, or ‘sold a pup’. That feeling often kills the act of repeat purchase, losing you a valuable and important customer.

When you’re selling online – consider using ‘unboxers’ to review your customers purchase and delivery experience. But most of all, make sure that if someone ‘unboxes’ one of your product deliveries without you knowing it that the product turns up on-time, unharmed, and WOWS them when they open the box packaging.

Ultimately, this isn’t about marketing content or fashionable trends. This is about a commitment to the ultimate customer experience – something ALL businesses in e-commerce or not should be looking towards researching and implementing.

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  1. biancardi

    so, yeah, I am the owner of Unboxing Beauty. Per USA regulations, I clearly mark my blog posts with affiliate links. I never started my blog to make any money, but I also do reviews. I do not accept advertisements nor am I paid for my content. I love skin care and any monies I get – which is only a couple hundred a YEAR, I put back into my blog & into giveaways for my readers. There isn’t a lot of money involved in my blog, as I have a very small readership.