LilTM twistwrap

For toys

If you need retail box or toy packaging, look here. Extensively researched based on retailers’ five shelf heights, in order to package over 90% of all toys and games on the market. Featuring buffer-edge protection, our hot melt peel’n’seal and tear strip combination, and a 90-degree twist action providing cross-dimensional strength. Recommended for:

  • Toys & Boxed Retail Items
  • Retail Boxed Jewellery & Timepieces
  • Boxed Games, Computer Hardware & Accessories

Do you need retail box mailers such as toy packaging? Use these for mailing!

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    L-WCH Twistwrap

    105 x 105 x 90mm

    from $0.55 each excl GST Buy now
  • L-EG-01 twistwrap


    from $0.66 each excl GST Buy now
  • L-EG-03 Twistwrap

    305 x 203 x 80mm

    from $1.29 each excl GST Buy now
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    L-SQ Twistwrap

    300 x 300 x 105mm

    from $1.61 each excl GST Buy now
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    L-EG-04 Twistwrap

    380 x 265 x 105mm

    from $2.31 each excl GST Buy now
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    L-EG-06 Twistwrap

    475 x 375 x 105mm

    from $3.26 each excl GST Buy now